New Keyboard

When I told my colleague about the machine I bought a Mac Pro. I shared my facination with it’s keyboard and screen design. When told him that the keys were old, worn and irresponsive. My colleague told me that he had spare a replacement keyboard. ⌨️

Reviving a Mac Pro 1.1

I have been an Mac user since July 2005. So when an Mac Pro 1.1 showed up on I got those warm feelings of nostailgia. When this was new this used to be the best workstation you could buy. I could never afford this machine new afford. Even though this machine is a powerhorse is usefullness today is fairly limited. Mostly due to lack of modern software. It runs OSX 10.

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Hosting your Web Site

Web frameworks, Content Management Systems or Static Code generators. How should you go about creating a new web site? My best tip is to understand the needs of the site owners and focus on good content for the readers.

Exploring Uses of Old Macs

This is a blog where we explore old Macs with a present day perspective. It is written by me, Andreas Dreyer Hysing. I am a Engineer and from Norway. I have been a mac user since 2005 so machines from 2005 feels like a natural starting point for all my explorations. These machines have had their time. The goal is not to show case what these machines used to be good at, but rather showcase what they are good at today.

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