A Self-Hosted Alternative to iCloud Photos

Everybody takes photos on their mobile phone these days, and everyone wants to share pictures with friends and family. Modern phones has great cameras, filters, color corrections and even AI adjustments. Why Leave the Cloud Everybody has either iPhone or an Android phone, and we use their platform to share photos with friends and family. This all works good. But everyone likes to have a choice. You can host your own photos online.

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Self-Hosting Photoprism

Summary No. Photoprism runs on docker, and docker only supports the latest 2 versions of macOS. Just because the system requirements are not met I can not give up that easy. I am running Docker Desktop for intel on a MacBook Pro 15’ 2015. This machine runs on macOS 11 Big Sur. This is software is too old for the latest Docker, but docker desktop 4.24.4 is supported. The files are stored on a NAS.

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Reparing a MacBook Pro 2015

Installing MacOS Somara on a 2015 Mac I got this MacBook Pro from 2015. I is a good laptop, and I picked it up second hand for 600 NOK. That is a low price for a mac. So there got to be a catch. The catch is that the keyboard and mouse are dead. In this post is am fixing this by replacing it’s motherboard. It’s original owner told me to use with an external keyboard.

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MacPorts is the best Package Manager

MacPorts is the best package manager for OSX. It has been around for decads, and compatability is good. The big elephant in the room is the other package manager for Mac homebrew. MacPorts has some benefits over homebrew and we will get back to that in a minute.

SpiderWeb Browser

If you are surfing on OSX Snow Leopard today you will quickly yourself on a bumpy ride. The world wide web has moved a long the way the last decade. The best option is SpiderWeb. The web page for SpiderWeb describes it as a semi portable browser similar in look and feel to the old SeaMonkey. (SeaMonkey is an alternative browser with a fan base in the linux community. It has little main stream adoption).

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Terminal on OSX

Terminal.app is one of the standard applications on Mac OSX. The learning curve of the terminal is steep. And it does not help average user with their tasks and workflow. Terminal.app is built for IT-professionals and programmers. It is a usual unix terminal where commands you type appears on screen and runs text programs. Typiing text is fast. I would say that the terminal is twice as fast as using the mouse for all IT-professionsals.

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