Make the Web Faster with OSCP Stampling

OSCP Stampling is the process of providing an up to date proof to the browser that you’r certificate is still valid. It offloads the client from reaching out the the certificate authority and look for revoked certificates.

HSTS on Apache

HTTP Strict Transport Security is a security measure for modern web sites that you should know about. It is a http header which describes how the web site is transferred over the internet. We will cover how to set that up in a apache on the mac, and how to test it with the curl command.

Snow Leopard Web Server

Setting up a Apache web server on OSX Snow Leopard can be done. It works for static web sites with images. The setup is done in few steps; set up the web site as HTML, A web domain, A router with port forwarding capabilities, SSL certificates and Dynamic DNS. The steps are described in detail.